Be the Love, The Peace and the Light, You are seeking in all others


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The Challenge Ahead - What  is to Come and - How We Can Help

                               By Orthon: The Universal & Galactic Christ Energy.



         Very big changes is just ahead for Earth - on this page we will tell you about it.

         So Please come Back to see what it is and how you can help yourself and Earth. 





       This is what is to come - yet how do you true get there - what needs to be done?

       Much is at stake in a free will world where harmlessness sit in the high seat: I'Am. 




         Consciousness and  free will are the ingredients to the new Galactic Hu'Wo'Man.

         Free Will Choice; is what this is all about The Will To Live in Light, Love & Peace. 






       You will as always be guided when you ask for help yet will need it less & less now.

       Situations will come about, that will ask for all your strength all you love and hands.






       Yet know we are here every step of the way only God's Will will be done from now.

       It is not a vengeful Father you have. Yet all Moving Creates upheavals, so it is now. 






        Let Inner Peace Guide You; Keep Unconditional Love In Your Heart And See Light.

        Know I'm Here I Am Always just a thought away in your life I' Bring You Calmness.






        To Do what you now have to do Step up inside yourself become what you are and

        That you always was destined to become. For Earth and you are bound to Ascend'






        Therefore, you will see your world is like split in two now as everybody decide for

        themselves in which direction their life continue as it is, or on another higher step






       this is what has been written too, as I am in you it is you that choose and I who will

       guide that is the way it is no interference only a hand to take if you will just choose






     for a New Balance has been Ignited now it has been sat on Earth for all to understand'

     that t'his uni'verse talk in symbolic pictures that is the language that speak to all souls.






    Are you ready; to see me and to understand my energy that exist everywhere around

    you in you, in all these uni'verses' the Father and I am One and so is the Father & You 







    therefore the old picture had to be ignited in your world for that is The Universal Law.

    You will find; that all has been told throughout all of time and all has been shown too.  






        the call has gone out its time to choose love light and joy in your world and for all










                              The Continuation Of Life






                                      AS YOU KNOW IT - WILL SOON END
































 Comet Ison -The predicted on Earth above - What happened; you see below Come't - I'son'